Finding an SEO company that you can trust can be difficult. Speak to a few, and trust your instincts on who seems to be trying to genuinely help you, and who is trying to sell you something. Look for some trusted review sources, ask for references, testimonials or case studies. We are happy to provide all of these things to you, and we periodically ask our clients – past and present – whether they are willing to leave a review for us. Here are some of the reviews we have accumulated from clients recently, but please feel free to contact us for more information or reviews.


“These guys are absolute pros. Andrew and his team are absolutely the best at what they do, and you will not break your budget doing it. The sad part is, most business owners aren’t intelligent enough to recognize the critical function these guys provide. Think of these guys as the ultimate city planners….ones that bring traffic to you… no matter where you are located.

What they did for my small business in a short amount of time was nothing short of miraculous. I started out with no website in 2011. By 2014 I have a website that is intelligently structured with highly recognizable key phrases, placements and backlinks. And the best part? It is constantly being updated and improved. You get monthly reports that prove where your money is going.

I literally have buried my competition on google and yahoo. Everyone hopes to have page one google rankings, but I don’t worry about that. My only concern is how many times I appear. Best money you can spend for your advertising dollar…and it is not even close.”
Robert W.


“We have found TrafficZoom to be a cost-effective, reliable and extremely efficient solution, with a high level of personal service. They provide a bespoke solution to specific client requirements. I would have no problem recommending TrafficZoom to anyone.”
Adrian Twibill – CEO & Founder


“We had worked with a few different SEO companies before TrafficZoom, with mixed results. We decided to give them a try because their communication was good, they sounded honest, and we liked the guarantee. After 4 months they delivered the results promised so we increased our package, now almost 9 months later almost all of our 20 keywords are on the first page of Google and we are looking at increasing our package again because we know it is bringing us real business. Our account manager at TrafficZoom keeps in regular contact and shows a genuine interest in our business. I now refer them anyone I know looking for SEO services.”
Mark Bristol – Ed Bristol Advertising & Printing


“TrafficZoom is a hard working, sincere group of consummate professionals who have delivered admirably and kept their promises. If you are looking for a serious resource who knows what they are doing this is the company. SEO is their expertise and they have thoroughly impressed us and we are not easily impressed. And more importantly, the results are starting to manifest themselves in significantly more calls and sales (over (150%) in the first 3 months. I worked previously with another SEO provider who can’t hold a candle the pros at TrafficZoom. I highly recommend them.”
Steve C.

“I track every call that comes in and there is a dramatic increase in Google traffic. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! I am recommending you to EVERYONE here, you guys are amazing!”
Sebastian Brevart – Good Guys Mobile Detail

“You guys are incredible. The SEO brought us 30,000 hits in the 3 weeks before our Super Bowl events. Nothing else we did came even close to selling as many tickets. I’m telling everyone about you!”
Ariah Rastegar – President Capital A Entertainment