Andrew Whitford

The 3 Golden Pillars of SEO

So you’re trying to get a handle on what you need to do to “improve your SEO” – reading about meta tags, content, backlinks… becoming suddenly afraid of animals like Penguins and Pandas when you’ve never even seen either of them, apart from that one time you visited the San Diego Zoo. It seems like things are changing so quickly, it’s impossible to catch up; to know what matters from what does not. To the inexperienced, SEO can sound a bit like trying to keep up with the latest fitness or diet crazes – one minute it’s the latest and greatest way to lose weight, the next it’s giving you cancer. Continue reading

Andrew Whitford

Is There Still A Place For Guaranteed SEO?

A sometimes controversial topic when looking at SEO is the place of guaranteed search positions, or guaranteed seo in a company’s offerings. Much of that controversy comes from people being aware of Google’s official statement on SEO, which advises caution when considering “guaranteed SEO”. What people often fail to do, is take the time to understand that advice, or understand the guarantee being offered.

Google’s statement reads: “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.” This is absolutely correct, but be careful that you actually understand the guarantee being offered.

If that guarantee claims to have a special relationship with Google, or claims a 100% record, or any other suggestion that they have something “special” going on, then some red flags should start going up. However, there is nothing wrong with a company offering guarantees as a “safety net” for the client. Implemented honestly and with realistic expectations, guarantees can provide the type of accountability that you want, and indeed need, your SEO company to have.

The guarantees offered by TrafficZoom are exactly of this nature; we do not claim any “special relationship” – we claim a thorough process, executed by industry experts, and if that process does not deliver the results to an agreed schedule, we should be held accountable.

The reality is that very few forms of marketing in the world will provide you guaranteed sales. Whether it is TV, radio, billboards, direct mail or even other forms of online marketing like Google AdWords, most marketing efforts are educated guesses at the best way to invest your money to grow your business. Therefore any accountability you can work into the marketing campaign engagement can only be a good thing.