That thing you’ve been struggling with? We might already know the answer.

Do you want the biggest, or the best?

TrafficZoom was founded to be different. We were created because we noticed that online marketing companies largely fell into two distinct groups – the first being companies executing the “Volume Model”, where their own sales are the focus and the main goal is to win more clients than are being lost to churn. These companies were characterized by aggressive sales, unrealistic promises, and account managers that only needed to know more about online marketing than the clients did. The other group were essentially freelancers – some good, some bad, most lacking in any real accountability. In short, it looked like the Wild West, with a lot of cowboys and not a lot of customer satisfaction. Our belief is that online marketing is simply too complex for cookie-cutter approaches. The amount of genuine expertise out there is still sadly lacking, and the Wild West landscape has created far too many victims – particularly of small and medium sized businesses. Our experience is that the best client results will always come from being a boutique-sized agency. That’s why we strictly limit the number of clients we will work with at any one time. We are not a volume company. We can’t help everyone, and indeed we will always ensure that our existing clients are 100% satisfied before trying to win a new one.

Access to Hands-On Expertise.

Hiring a top level online marketing expert on salary is expensive – but if your business can benefit, and you can afford the $100k – $200k salary, you should probably do it. Unfortunately, the cost for hiring a mediocre online marketer might be even higher – how much ad spend budget might they waste? How many potential customers will be left on the table from ineffective strategies? Our philosophy is simple: get yourself access to a genuine expert, even if it isn’t one from our team. Five days with an expert will almost always be more valuable than five months with a novice. Our preferred method of working is to “quarterback” your solution; if you have resources for us to work with, we blend together as a team. If you don’t, we will supply those hand-picked resources from our own team of designers, developers, copywriters and more. EMAIL US