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Whether for instant gratification, or as part of a longer term strategy, success with AdWords largely boils down to two things: efficiency and ROI.

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We specialize in difficult accounts.

Never forget – Google’s first priority in AdWords is to maximize Google’s profits. That’s why it is so easy to find your account turning into a “leaky bathtub”, spending money in more ways than you knew were even possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening in your AdWords, or it feels out of control, let us take a look. Maybe it’s a mess; or maybe there’s just one little thing throwing it off.

If you don’t love maths, you shouldn’t manage AdWords.

One of the great things about Google AdWords is that there is an enormous amount of data available. Unfortunately for many companies trying to manage their own account, one of the difficult things about Google AdWords is that… there is an enormous amount of data available.

Fortunately, we love data – because analyzed correctly, that data is knowledge – and knowledge is power. The power to maximize your profits, control your efficiency, and minimize your wastage. What too few understand is that the heart of what makes AdWords tick is mathematics and statistics. From the bid placed on a click, through to the value of the conversion, AdWords is a bit like one enormous maths formula full of variables and probabilities. If you love that stuff, AdWords is for you. If you don’t – trust us, find someone that does.

We focus on Return On Investment and Efficiency.

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when buried in the complicated world of AdWords metrics like Click-Through Rates, Costs Per Click, and Impression Shares. These metrics all matter, but what matters most (in the majority of cases) is company profit. Google AdWords is an investment, and like all investments, you need to be maximizing your returns – which in its purest form means dollars in compared to dollars out. In the middle is where the magic happens – or excuses are made. Do you really want to hear about how much your Click-Through Rates improved, if the AdWords account lost money this month? No. You want profits, you want ROI, and one of the first places we’ll start for that is by looking at how the efficiency is impacting your profits.

  • Google AdWords Search & Display

    The “bread and butter” of most AdWords accounts, Google’s Search and Display advertising platform has been around since 2000 and is constantly evolving. The rich variety of features, objects and configurations can be both a blessing and a curse – powerful in the right hands, expensive in the wrong hands. Whoever said that “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing” was almost certainly referring to AdWords.

    We typically work with budgets of $10,000 to $150,000 per month of click spend.
  • Google Shopping

    Every Ecommerce company should be looking at Google Shopping as a sale channel. Management includes assistance with the product data feed to Google Merchant Center, Campaign creation in AdWords, and of course end to end optimization with a focus on profits. Effective use of Google Shopping is about a lot more than just throwing up your products and letting Google figure it out – advanced techniques such as product segmentation, search term filtering and more can make an enormous difference to overall success.
  • AdWords for Ecommerce

    Google Shopping is just one component of AdWords for Ecommerce, and our overall attitude to it is the same: we love AdWords for Ecommerce. Data is available at every step from click to conversion, which means opportunities to optimize for both profit and efficiency. The fact that Google AdWords is an auction marketplace means that by its very nature, the most efficient companies can almost always be profitable. As long as you have a sustainable profit margin on your products, there will almost always be an achievable level of efficiency for turning AdWords into a reliable sales channel for your site.
  • Lead Generation

    Need phone calls or form submissions? AdWords remains one of the best sources for “instant gratification” – but as always, efficiency is key. The focus for us here are metrics such as Cost Per Call or Cost Per Lead– but we will want to understand the value of these leads to your business. What percentage do you turn into sales, and what is the average value of those sales? Which types of leads make you the most money?

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