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Bad press or fake reviews ruining your good name? Act quickly to clean it up and limit the damage.

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Taking a beating online? Perhaps we can help.

Sometimes the power of the internet is a curse – it is all too easy for a disgruntled employee, grumpy customer, or nasty competitor to start publishing negative press about your business. Are you feeling helpless and frustrated at some of the things you are finding said about the business your blood, sweat and tears built? Or are some out of date news stories about you still popping up on Google? We’re here to help.

Some web content can be removed, and other content can be pushed back to the deep dark corners of the internet where it will never be seen. We have various strategies to keep your reputation intact and smother any negative press.

Get in touch with us today to explain your situation and let us see what we can do. All requests are 100% in confidence and Non-Disclosure Agreements readily available for all work we undertake.

We can’t, or won’t, help everyone

Please note that there are cases where we will either be unable, or unwilling, to help you out.

If a website is fully controlled by another party, and not breaking any laws (such as copyright), we may be powerless to remove that page or website. However, hiding it may still be an option.

If, at our own discretion, we feel that any work in this area could cause future harm to others, we will not be able to help you out. Similarly if we feel that your poor reputation was earned, and you haven’t changed your ways, we are also unlikely to work with you.

  • Negative Content Removal

    In some cases, the offending content itself can be removed from the publishing website itself. Even reviews on sites like Yelp, Glassdoor and TripAdvisor can be legitimately removed, without contacting the reviewer, in certain cases.
  • Removing from Google Search

    Often, reputations are damaged by listings that appear within the Google search results for searches involving your name. This can be particularly damaging because it will be seen by existing or prospective customers who were simply using Google to find your website, only to be distracted by an ominous sounding listing right under your name. In some cases the listing itself can be removed from Google’s index, taking it out of all search results. While this does not remove the page itself from the website, in most cases the issue is still greatly mitigated because without Google, nobody will ever find it.
  • Search Results Manipulation

    If a Google search result can’t be removed, it can almost always be pushed out of sight. This is where SEO experience in particular comes into play, as a negative listing can be “out-ranked” by performing SEO on positive or neutral listings. The difficulty of this task is determined firstly by how authoritative the highest-ranked negative listing is, and then how many different searches it is appearing for that need to be “cleaned”.

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