What it’s like being an
SEO company in Los Angeles.

One question we get asked from time to time is: what’s it like being an SEO company in Los Angeles?

Well for one, we need to be very clear about which type of traffic we plan to zoom, and it’s not the traffic that the average Los Angeles resident is sitting in for 90 hours a year!

Part of the dichotomy of doing business in Los Angeles is that the sheer size is both a help and a hindrance to business. Logistics dominate life in this city – how long will it take me to drive there, how is the parking, are there any accidents on the 405 or 10 freeways today? With the sheer size and sprawl comes a huge melting pot of not just cultures, but businesses too, which provides an incredible opportunity for performing our TrafficZoom SEO campaigns on a very wide range of businesses. Literally every day of the week, we are asked to conduct an SEO review for a business or industry that we haven’t encountered before. Sure, LA is known to be the home of many large entertainment companies like Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, but the market is huge in virtually every other industry you can think of too.

The reality is that Los Angeles is one large city, surrounded by literally hundreds of other cities. TrafficZoom has had offices in various parts of the city – West Hollywood, central Los Angeles, Hollywood and now Westwood – and all provide an almost equal ability to serve customers not just anywhere in the city, but of course the entire country. We love to meet clients face to face wherever possible, so we have a simple policy that if you can’t come to us, we’ll do our best to come to you.

In terms of the SEO landscape, Southern California is relatively competitive, although just like the rest of the country, no large players tend to dominate. With Californians tending to enjoy their relaxed lifestyle in the sun, a lot of smaller SEO shops have set up. However, with “Silicon Beach” taking off in the westside of Los Angeles (an influx of large tech companies and tech start-ups), it will be interesting to see how this impacts the SEO companies in LA. Competition for quality technical resources is becoming fierce, and rents are going up, so the cost of entry for new players in the market is definitely going up.

So in general – we’re very happy where we are! UCLA is close by, producing quality graduates for the market. The sun is shining over 300 days per year, meaning a happy team of experts. And super-fast internet means it really doesn’t matter where you are in the world – we’re ready to help!

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